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Rich King (£325)


600mm x 900mm
Printed and partially sprayed on to 100% premium cotton canvas, and stretched on to a 19mm deep wooden frame. Pieces might not appear exactly as shown as they are all hand made. If you live far away and want to save on shipping it is possible to send the canvas rolled up and you can stretch and frame your end, please email for more details on this.


*Please note that all prices are fluid, there is no set price. Please email the bear and explain what piece interests you and why*

The text reads:

“There was once a rich king

His kingdom was free from war and there was little crime. People lived into their late years due to unsurpassed medicines and living conditions. Indeed, it was the safest, healthiest and wealthiest kingdom that ever had been.

In nearby kingdoms others starved, but the King had people kill, harvest and present him with every different type of food imaginable. And where others could not dream off seeing far away lands, he had the power to travel wherever he wished with no restrictions placed upon him.

He wore beautifully designed garments brought to him from the far corners off the world. Years of education in his early years had made him wise, and at the end of his finger tips, whenever he so desired, he had access to the vast array of knowledge that the world had accumulated.

Even the king’s jesters were unparalleled: at any moment he could choose to be awash with spectacular entertainment of all different kinds, allowing him to laugh, cry, think, play or dance as he saw fit.

Oh, how lucky the king was! But there was still dissatisfaction within him. He wasn’t content.
There was an angst that plagued him……


You see, it was not enough for him to live in such a wonderous kingdom. He needed a reason to live.

But you can not have that which does not exist.”

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